About Thomas Clark, IV

I am a husband, father, son, brother and friend. Most of all I love God and am committed to building His kingdom.

I began preaching in 1988 and pastoring in 1998. I was consecrated to the office of Bishop in 2004 and currently serve as the Senior Pastor of World Deliverance Christian Center (WDCC), a multicultural church located a few miles west of Chicago in Hillside, IL.

I lecture, teach, preach and even coach a message of empowerment as I am committed to helping others be their absolute best.

Thomas and Felicia Clark
Thomas and Felicia Clark

My wife, Felicia, and I have three children – Darius, Kyle and Nalisha Simone’. Darius is married to our beautiful daughter-in-covenant, Selena, and they are the proud parents of our handsome and very inquisitive grandson, DJ.

I am wholly committed to helping empower people and changing lives. It is my hope that something shared on this site will help you be the best that God would have for your life and His kingdom!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thomas Clark, IV

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